About Us

Western Regional Coalition to End Violence (WRCEV) is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization that receives annual operational funding from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.  It is one of ten Regional Coordinating Committees that work in partnership with the provincial Violence Prevention Initiative to increase awareness of all forms of violence and the structural context of inequality in which violence is rooted.  Our role encompasses public awareness and education initiatives, community capacity-building, outreach, resource development, advocacy and the coordination of partnerships and programs.

The Coalition is a partnership of representatives from government agencies, community groups, schools, service organizations, and volunteers who live and/or work in Western Newfoundland.  The Coalition employs a full-time Executive Director, as well as a part-time Administrative Coordinator.

There are three volunteer-based local coordinating committees operating under the umbrella of our Coalition throughout Western Newfoundland.  They exist in Deer Lake, Bonne Bay North, and Bonne Bay South.

Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI)

Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) is a six year, multi- departmental, government community partnership to find long term solutions to the problem of violence against most at risk in our society- women, children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups who are victims of violence because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or ability. The VPI is coordinated by Women’s Policy Office and includes four major government departments (Health, Justice, Education and Human Resources and Employment) and ten Regional Coordinating Committees. The VPI builds upon the work of the Provincial Strategy Against Violence. Its vision is that “people in our province will live in safe caring communities where there is an inherent respect for each other and violence is unacceptable”.

The goals of the VPI are to enhance the community’s and governments capacity to coordinate violence prevention activities and service delivery in the regions, and to improve the coordination and quality of services and programs provided by government departments and agencies with violence related mandates.

For further information regarding the Violence Prevention Initiative and provincial anti-violence campaigns, please visit